General Liability & ADA Litigation

General Liability
We handle a wide variety of claims and suits involving catastrophic injuries and property damage arising from premises liability, industrial and construction accidents, and transportation accidents. We are experienced in assembling teams of attorneys, experts and investigators to respond to emergencies when they arise.

Americans with Disabilities Act
As the most recent significant antidiscrimination statute, the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act has placed employers and commercial service providers with legal obligations that are often highly technical and subject to intense litigation. Nida & Romyn, P.C. has provided counsel on the ADA to businesses. Nida & Romyn, P.C. has also defended ADA claims brought against businesses in state and federal court. For example, in May 2018, the attorneys of Nida & Romyn, P.C. defended a contractor in an ADA lawsuit brought by a public entity before a federal jury trial in Los Angeles. The jury found completely in the contractor’s favor.

Practice Attorneys


Successful defense in alleged ADA violations

The attorneys at Nida & Romyn, P.C. recently completed a jury trial in the United States District Court in Los Angeles, which involved an allegation that a major contractor should reimburse a public entity for allegations that the project was built incorrectly by the contractor in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The case involved the Van Nuys Flyaway facility owned by the Los Angeles World Airports, a division of the City of Los Angeles.

The attorneys of Nida & Romyn, P.C. were able to demonstrate through affirmative witnesses of the contractor and cross-examination of the City’s witnesses that the project was in fact built correctly by the contractor, the project caused no injury, and the city’s alteration of the decade old project absolved the contractor of liability. The case had a long history of complex motion practice, an appeal, discovery and trial preparation. The case went through several days of testimony and argument before a jury in Federal Court. After deliberation, the jury ruled unanimously in favor of the contractor.

Following the trial, the contractor prevailed in further motion practice by the City seeking to overturn the jury verdict. The contractor was also awarded nearly all of its attorney fees and costs from the City.

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